Heat Exchangers and Engine Coolers

We are excel in repair and overhaul of all types of heat exchangers including Shell and Tube, plate, extended surface and regenerative. We can also do repair of Steam Condensers, Lube Oil Coolers, Cargo Heaters & Condensers, Multi Stage SW Evaporators, and Refrigerant condensers at our cutting edge facility.

Our experts are available 24x7 in our workshop or at your worksite to solve issues when and where they happen. We renovate tube and shell heat exchangers and Water Coolers with new tube elements and/or shell, the heat exchanger will be fitted with new insulation if necessary. Complete re-tubing of tube bundles, Our preference is to re-tube/refurbish in our own workshop where the work can be carried out under factory conditions, where this is not possible in situ repairs can be arranged.

Dedicated & Skilled workforce at your service

The company has well equipped workshop with highly skilled workforce and undertakes all kinds of marine repairs and Industrial Engineering works